Néstor Acevedo

Systems Engineer & Freelance Developer.

Web Development

Develpment of websites with PHP using existing CMS - WordPress y Joomla - or personal websites with frameworks like Laravel or Yii Framework.

Cloud Infrastructure

Knowledge on cloud computing with Amazon AWS.


E-Sculptor CMS

E-Sculptor CMS is a content management system. Based on Yii Framework, a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

Yii2 E-Sculptor

Yii2 E-Sculptor is a module developed for Yii2, that provides a web interface for the content management.


  • CRUD for pages, categories and posts
  • Menu management
  • Multimedia management
  • Integrated with TinyMCE for a Wysiwyg edition
  • It allows multilanguage content

Yee CMS powered by neoacevedo

Yee CMS is a free open source preconfigured AMI based on Yii2.

S3 Media

S3 Media allows you to manage files on Amazon S3.


OpenBiblio 0.7.2 with Apache2, PHP7 and MariaDB


The app that solves MOBILITY and LEGAL TRANSPORTATION in Colombia.