My Scrips is a plugin that allows the insertion of code or Javascript or CSS files on your website without the need to alter the source code of your public site template. You can even add JS or CSS files that are in a web address, either on your own site or on an available CDN.

Adding Code

It really is easy to customize with Javascript or CSS code some pages of your Joomla website.


Seleccionando una categoría

First select the categories in which you want to add the JS or CSS code. If you select as root category the CSS or JS code will be applied throughout the public site. In this case, even if you choose other categories and choose not others, these codes will be applied even in those that have not been selected.

Adding Style Sheets

To add style sheets or fragments of this in the CSS tab is a code editor in which you can enter fragments of style sheets.

Añadiendo CSS

You can also add URLs of CSS files (one per line). For example, to add the style sheet of the latest version of Bootstrap in the Add own CSS field, just enter is the Bootstrap CDN  URL.

Adding Javascript Code

In the same way you can add snippets of code or files with your own Javascript code.

 Añadiendo JS

As with style sheet fragments, a code editor is also available to add JavaScript snippets as if you were adding them in the Template.

You can also add URLs of JS files hosted on your own website or on some CDNs. Again with the Bootstrap example, if you need to use the JS file of this framework simply add the URL in the field Custom JS Files.

As mentioned at the beginning, these fragments or URLs will be included in the selected categories or throughout the public site if you choose Root as container category.