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Azure Media

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Component for managing the site's files from Azure Storage Blob.https://demo.neoacevedo.co



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Manage upload images or large media files without worrying about the storage capacity on your server. You can make use of cloud storage to host your files without major inconvenience and knowing that they will always be there. Azure Media allows you to upload your multimedia files to Azure.


  • Direct load to configured Container
  • Listing of directories and files inside the container
  • Mass file upload
  • Create and delete directories.
  • Mass file deletion
  • Search for files and directories
  • Simple RESTful integration service for other extensions

Azure Media is an extension that allows you to manage all multimedia files without having to physically host them on the web server. With this component you should not worry about the space available on your web server since the files are housed directly in Azure Blob Storage.

The purpose of this component is to have a file manager in Azure that can be totally simple in its handling and administration. This extension does not move your current hosted files and neither update their links.


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